Naveen Kumar Vishwakarma
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Naveen Kumar Vishwakarma
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Deepesh Khandelwal
How did you first hear about CBSN?
Business Associate
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Naveen Kumar
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Business Category
Varanasi Photography Services
Street Address
B-35/70, 3a-kha, Tulsinagar, Extn. Kabir Nagar, Durgakund,
State / Province / Region
Uttar Pradesh
Pin Code
Mobile Number
GST Number
Has your professional license ever been revoked or suspended? *(required)
NO, my professional license has never been revoked or suspended
Is your primary occupation the professional industry/​classification you entered above? *(required)
YES, it is my full-time occupation
Are you willing to find and send a qualified substitute if you are unable to attend a meeting?
YES, I am willing/​able to make this commitment
Are you willing/​able to bring referrals and/​or visitors to this spell?
YES, I am willing/​able to make this commitment
Please rate your ability to provide quality Referrals and Visitors to the spell
10 (Excellent)
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I have/​will inform the above contacts that I am sharing their information with CBSN for the purpose of references
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